Away back in the day, one of the highlights of working in a distillery was the free dram given to the men at the end of the day or at the end of the week.
It was very important to know which excise man was pouring the dram as some were mean and some were generous ~ some gave a good size dram,but the mean ones only poured a wee dram. One’s expectationcould be set in advance if one knew which excise manwas ‘on the dramming’ that day.
The story goes that three Laphroaig workers were walking to their work in thedistillery on the Fridayafter the American moon landing in 1969. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrongare the first people ever to walk on the moon and two of the men, like the rest of the world,are excitedly discussing this amazing achievement
~ and the third man asks, ‘…. and, who’s on the dramming?’ !