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Welcome to Islay Whisky Academy

And Welcome to the new Islay Whisky Academy Website. We hope you like it! Islay Whisky Academy offer Whisky Tours, Whisky Education Courses, bespoke Whisky Tastings, Magical Experiences for those who appreciate Islay and whisky... and wish to experience more. Let us...

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Whisky Magic and Hospitality

One off special events involving Magic and Whisky and Islay.... ask for details & talk about what you would like and we will make it specially for you. We will think of wonderful experiences for you that you didn't even know you wanted! This year we hosted a...

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SCOTCH SERIES 43 Condensers and Worm Tubs

Basically - Worm tubs have the vapour in the worm/ the copper pipe, and the water in the tub. Shell and Tube condensers have the vapour in the tube and the water in the copper pipes.  At the end of the lyne arms which come off the top of the stills, we find condensers...

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SCOTCH SERIES 41 Drinking Whisky

IN MY MOUTH I HOLD THE WORLD Gazing into my glass swimming with clear, warm, liquid gold, I imagine standing on the highest diving board and looking down - the distances are comparable. Eye to glass; body to water. I dive; down, down, air streaming passed my...

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SCOTCH SERIES 40 Maturation

We distil spirit that is clear. When it is filled into the cask the spirit looks like water - uisge beatha - water of life.  It is during its time in maturation inside the cask that spirit develops its colour. Spirit develops colour from 3 things - the actual wood...

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