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Bowmore 15 YO. 43% abv.   Sherry Finish. 12 years in Bourbon cask + 3 years in Oloroso Sherry. 8-10 PPM. Good solid "glug" as pouring out of bottle. Slow, spaced tear drops or legs. Colour: Russet amber, orangey brown. Nose: Raisins, burnt tires and red berries on the...

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Islay Barley 2011 Bruichladdich

ISLAY BARLEY 2011. Bruichladdich. Age 6 years. Abv 50% Farms where the barley is grown are: Coull, Rockside, Island, Mulindry, Starchmill, Cruach Farms.Colour: Warm golden colour. The faintest echo of greeny gold. Very, very thin band of gold floating on top of...

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Theatre of Drams

Remembering our fantastic week with Theatre of Drams in 2017.  The main body of the teaching week is where people come to study with Islay Whisky Academy.  Around this educational core were fantastic tastings, workshops, events, whisky kitchen cafe, Masterclasses and...

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Islay Whisky Club 2019

ISLAY WHISKY CLUB 2019 Lochside Hotel Saturday 2 March 2019 @ 7.30 pm 6 Fantastic Islay Drams for £25. Book now. Email Phone 01496 810 940 All welcome. Over 18 Years ************************************* Phone Lochside Hotel 01496 810 244...

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Blind Islay Tastings @ Celtic Connections 2019

Blind Islay Whisky Tastings at National Whisky Festival for Celtic Connections, hosted by myself, Rachel. This is a wonderful event - filled with music and food and, of course, exceptional drams & people! People think in whisky tastings we focus on the whisky... !...

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