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WHISKY AFFINITY (c) online course

WHISKY AFFINITY (c) Thig còmhla rinn gu Acadamaidh Uisge Beatha Ile Join us in the Heart of Scotch Whisky Kinship **************************** From the Home of Whisky direct to your Home! As not eveyone can visit us in Islay - especially at this time. The Islay Whisky...

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Dreaming of Islay Whisky ~ Cycle of Distilling Life

Dreaming of Islay Whisky mini vid #WHISKYAFFINITY A mini taster video showing the Whisky Making process from Barley to Scotch. Each stage in the process is illustrated with photos from different Islay Distilleries ~ there are a couple of guest distilleries in here...

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Tasting Notes Bruichladdich Private Cask No: 0737

Tasting Notes: Bruichladdich SIngle Cask No: 0737. Sherry cask. Age 16 years. 50% abv. Colour: Tawney Brown. Red russet umber. Thin tinkle into glass. Small bubbles quickly dispersed. This whisky has a wonderful nose  Raisins, sultanas, honey, cherries, hawthorn. A...

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Tasting Notes: Octomore 10.2 Bruichladdich

OCTOMORE 10.2 from Bruichladdich. 8 YO. 96.9 ppm. 56.9% abv Tasting Notes done in Bowmore on Saturday 4th April 2020 - in Corona lockdown!! Will this affect the flavour…?? Only kidding! COLOUR: Dark auburn gold.  Huge bubbles in ring around rim when poured - this...

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