Íle Fiadhain is Siobhraid
Wild and Magic Islay Whisky Tours

Islay Whisky Tours

An Overview of Islay Whisky Tours by Islay Whisky Academy

Islay Whisky Tour Spirit of distilleries

Spirit of Distilleries

Full on indepth 3 Day experience. Visit all 9 Islay Distilleries.
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Islay Whisky Tour Spirit of Flavour

Spirit of Flavour

One Day Sensory Immersion in all Islay’s flavours. From food to drink to song to sites experienced through local hospitality.
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Islay Whisky Tour Spirit of Adventure

Spirit of Adventure

Go out onto the land of the distillery and walk to the water source. Sip your favourite Islay Malt sitting around a bonfire on the beach.
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Spirit of Scotch


Spirit of Education

Build Your Own Custom Whisky Tour

Islay Whisky Tour Handbags and Hipflasks

Hipflasks & Driftwood

Enjoy a day filled with unusual, exciting, special things. Let Wild and Magic Islay take you on a surprise adventure day .
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Islay Whisky Tour Spirit of Islay

Spirit of Islay

Castles, Crofts & Culture: The Outlaw King & The Lords of the Isles. 2 or 3 Days Learning the history & heritage of Islay. Lessons in Gaelic Language & includes a distillery visit if wished.
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Islay Whisky Tastings

Spirit of Whisky

Personal WHISKY TASTINGS in a venue of your choice. We will travel to where you are and host a fantastic Spirit of Whisky Tasting for you.
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